Top Ten TV Characters I Loathe


Last week we said goodbye to my favorite NCIS character: Abby Sciuto. I was really bummed when I first heard that she was going to be leaving the show after playing such an integral role in it for 15 years. I’ve honestly struggled to understand how the show could feasibly continue without her, especially after the team has seen so much loss in one way or another, in recent years (Ziva and DiNozzo being the most poignant departures). But alas, the show must go on…

I often think about the television characters that I love. The ones that make me laugh, or cry, or whom I just feel some sort of connection to. It’s easy to think about all the characters who are such an important part of the team, and it can be difficult to picture a show without certain characters. This might be an unpopular opinion, but while I wasn’t a huge fan of Derek Shepard (sorry!), it was still really hard for me to envision the show without him. Some shows continue along after the loss of significant characters, and others don’t. I know that many still aren’t over losing Derek. I get it, even if I don’t feel the same sentiment towards his highness. 😉

But today, I’m not looking to talk about my favorite characters or the ones who have had a strong impact on myself, or the program in which they exist. Today, I want to talk about the characters I loathe. The ones that make me cringe – who, no matter how many times I’ve seen a particular episode, still irritate the piss outta me.

I realize that hate is a strong word. My mother used to always tell me not to say I hated something or someone. “Intensely dislike”, she would say, trying to correct me. But we’re talking about a plethora of virtual worlds and virtual people with virtual feelings I can’t hurt or offend, so I’m gonna stick with hate. Sorry, mom.

Let me say that this is not a countdown list – I definitely hate some more than others, but there’s really no rhyme or reason to the order of these characters.



Sam Malone & Diane Chambers // Cheers – Sam might be one of the main characters of Cheers, but man is he really a dick. He’s more or less, entirely self-serving and on top of that, he’s painfully dense. He’s a total jerk to Diane… but here’s the thing, she’s also pretty obnoxious and irritating. Perhaps one of their issues as a couple is the qualities they have in common because like Sam, Diane is also self-involved. Their whole relationship, no matter the stage, is just destructive and exhausting. There’s no humor in watching these two characters abuse each other constantly. I can’t help but wonder, would these characters be any more tolerable on their own? If one didn’t exist, would I find the other more palatable? Both characters played guest roles on Frasier and looking back, I didn’t find Sam as insufferable as I did Diane…




Mel Karnofsky  // Frasier – Mel. Oh Mel… where should I even begin? Nile’s second wife is the most exasperating character in this entire series. She’s not the only cast member to make this particular list, but in terms of Frasier, she’s absolutely the worst. She brings manipulative to a whole new level – and then some. Her mannerisms, her voice (my apologies to Jane Adams, the actress who portrayed her), and her controlling  and degrading behavior towards not just Niles, but the whole family is just cringe worthy. No matter how many times I see the episodes from the series that feature her, my irritation never wavers.




Eliza Minnick // Grey’s Anatomy – I feel like if you’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for any period of time, and you have had the displeasure of viewing Eliza Minnick, then you need no explanation as to why I hate this character. Minnick is clearly the type of character that is meant to be abrasive and insufferable. I understand that some characters are meant to serve this kind of purpose, but Minnick is above and beyond. It’s really hard for me to understand how Dr. Bailey would be able to step on Dr. Webber’s toes by hiring this woman. After everything they have been through over the years it just feels so unrealistic to me. Further, the idea that Arizona would have a relationship, whether serious or otherwise, with this woman is just astounding. There’s been many instances over the years where I was absolutely on #TeamArizona, but in this instance, I was just screaming, “Arizona, what is WRONG WITH YOU!?!”, over and over again…mostly internally. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cheer when Minnick got a nice dose of karma and reality and was shown the door. 🙌🏼




Bebe Glazer // Frasier – Oh, yes. This list would NOT be complete without including Frasier Crane’s wretched agent. It’s clear that this character was purposefully over the top, but that doesn’t make her any less annoying. Her voice and over dramatic way of saying anything and everything, her mannerisms, her aggressive and obsessive desire to sleep with Frasier, the many ways in which she nearly (or completely…) sabotages Frasier’s career…as Stefon would say, this character has everything! In this particular instance however, it’s not a compliment.




John Greer // Person of Interest – It’s without question, that we’re not exactly meant to have any sort of warm & fuzzy feelings for this particular character. I definitely get that, but I just can’t compile a list of characters I dislike without including this man. In his case, dislike is far too mild. Greer is one of the biggest enemies of The Machine and its motley yet lovable crew, and his smug attitude and pretentious air really seals the deal. I can’t tell you how much I yearned for this characters demise…




Barbara Thorndyke // The Golden Girls – In S3E15, Dorothy’s New Friend, we are introduced to Barbara Thorndyke, an uppity author who becomes friends with Dorothy. She’s snotty, completely full of herself, and condescending towards Rose and Blanche. All of which is more than enough to dislike her, but when she suggests that Sophia’s date cannot come to a dinner they planned to attend at an exclusive country club because he is Jewish, her fate as Dorthy’s friend is (thankfully) sealed. Adding racists to her many titles, this character is an easy one to hate.




Frank Buffay Jr. // Friends – I feel like this might be one character, where I don’t have too many people to agree with me, but I have to say it: I hate Phoebe’s brother!! It would have been one thing if she had met him and only seen him occasionally, but having his freaking kids – triplets no less – how about no! The whole situation is just cringe worthy!! Frank and his girlfriend just have a creep factor to them, and I just can’t get with them!




Ryan Howard // The Office – I’m slowly making my way through The Office for the first time ever. So while I’m not done with the whole series just yet, I’m gonna take a risk and assume that Ryan the temp does not redeem himself before the end (I just started season six). There’s definitely a lot about The Office that is utterly ridiculous and in many cases unrealistic, which I get is purposeful, but seriously – how does Ryan ever step foot back in Dunder Mifflin Scranton after what he did!?! He’s an untrustworthy leech and a total tool!! Also, I can’t decide what I hate more – Ryan with bleached hair, or Ryan with his douchey “I’m a hot shot” goatee/beard… thoughts?*

*My apologies to BJ Novak. 




Dr. Preston Burke // Grey’s Anatomy – I’ve realized in writing this list, that there is definitely a theme to the kinds of characters that truly get under my skin, and Dr. Preston Burke exemplifies this to a T. He is pretentious and presents himself in such an abrasive way that just drives me nuts. The way he manipulates Cristina Yang to help him, but then throws her under the bus… yick. It’s easy I suppose to create accomplished characters who exhibit this sort of bratty, entitled vibe, but there is such a thing as humility and Dr. Burke clearly has none of it. I shed no tears when Burke left and really, if anything, I rejoiced because his character was a complete mood sucker. The same advice that Cristina gave Meredith concerning Derek could have easily applied to her relationship with Burke –“Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are.”  #Sorrynotsorry

I feel like I should finish this post by saying props to all the actors who portrayed these dreadful characters. You did an excellent job making me hate them. 😉  Got a list of characters you can’t stand? Share them with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Characters I Loathe

  1. I don’t watch all the shows you mention here, but I couldn’t agree with you more about Sam and Diane from Cheers. I have only gotten through the first 2 seasons so far and a random few episodes after. Diane was annoying from day 1 and her and Sam together are a disaster. The last 2 episodes of season 2, in particular, are just them arguing the entire time. It wasn’t even fun to watch, I’m shocked the show was continued for a 3rd season. I’m trying to get through it to see Frasier in it, of course. And, after having watched Cheers it does make some of the Frasier episodes, especially the ones where Cheers characters visit, even more enjoyable. But wow. Sam is ok on his own, yes, still a dick like you said, but that’s his character. Thank goodness for Cliff and Norm! They’ve gotten me through. I also can’t stand The Coach or Carla. The Coach is so redundant and you sit there watching him go through meaningless babble that has no point in the end. A waste of time when the show has 22-ish minutes of time. I really don’t know why I’m watching it after thinking about all that!

    Mel in Frasier. Yes, she too is annoying and she thinks she’s everything. But, at that point in the show she was designed for the audience to hate her. At that point we’re all dying for Niles and Daphne to finally be together, and Mel makes that so incredibly difficult and drawn out. And of course I can’t stand Bebe either, it’s sickening to watch and listen to her at times.

    I disagree about John Greer in Person of Interest, however. After having watched the series through one time I would have agreed, but I have recently re-watched the series and noticed more about him. His planning from day 1 was incredible. He had plenty of chances to kill Finch and he didn’t. He’s really a brilliant villain, one of my favorite villains in any TV show. I remembered more right after I re-watched it than I do now, but I do recall moments of being impressed by what he did, despite being the enemy of our beloved characters.

    The show Friends, don’t get me started. I’ve seen most of the episodes but the show is overall very annoying. Most of the time the girls are screechy and screaming. Perhaps I just can’t identify with them as I’m a Tomboy and cannot relate to any of them. And, I don’t like 2 of the actresses at all, so that doesn’t help. Phoebe’s half brother is meant to be annoying, he doesn’t bother me too much. It’s Janis that I absolutely can’t stand. I haven’t watched it on TV in awhile but if it was the only thing on and I had to be watching TV, I would skip those episodes. And she kept coming back, nails on a chalkboard, throughout the entire series. Pointless.


    • We definitely all have our favorite characters and those that we dislike. You can keep John Greer and I’ll take Friends – it’s one of my top favorite shows easily. 🙂


  2. Lol that works for me. To add to the Sam and Diane theme…I just started watching season 3 of Cheers. Even though Diane is with Frasier now it’s still Sam and Diane drama but at least their bickering is less mean spirited, for now. Ugh! Frasier is SO different though. Obviously younger but hasn’t even developed is deep iconic voice, or really his acting skills. It’s interesting to watch him. In the 3rd season of Cheers I think he looks a bit like Niles at times.


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