Games To Play: CodyCross – REVIEW

I was hanging out with a friend when I first heard about this game CodyCross. I could hear the noises from it and was curious to see what game he was playing. He then showed me his phone screen and I was mystified as I was admittedly a little surprised that he’d opt for a puzzle game but also definitely intrigued to try my hand at another puzzle game!! I’m always down for a puzzle game (save for Words With Friends for which I have a love-hate relationship as it has evolved into Words with Frenemies) so when I saw him playing CodyCross, I quickly hopped onto the Apple App Store and snagged this free game!! It is worth saying here that the game is also available for free on Android devices should you not be on Team Apple.

So once the game finished downloading, I played and quickly lost track of time as I knocked out several levels. Let’s take a second to touch on what the premise of the game actually is – the game consists of different thematic puzzles with each level containing a separate set of puzzles.


Within a puzzle, there are several clues provided for the horizontal words while there are two vertical words highlighted in red to also solve for which is essentially the end goal.


The game definitely is a brain teaser (Good to know that pink blob isn’t just a hat rack) and some clues will leave you stumped for a bit, but luckily as you solve puzzles, letters will be added onto the board to give you some help!!

Much like Words With Friends, the game incorporates money in the form of tokens which you are given daily as well as for various tasks. But you can also buy premium access (using real money) to more tokens, new weekly puzzles, themed packs as well as removing ads from the game. This isn’t something I have ever done in a game, but hey, to each their own! Also like Words With Friends, the game will nag you about inviting friends and provides the option to connect with Facebook.

The game receives a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the Apple App Store while Google Play has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating. The biggest gripes? The slow loading speed, the sheer amount of ads, the limit on puzzles unless you have a paid subscription and the difficult/incorrectly-spelled puzzle solutions. Keeping in mind, however, that many of these gripes can be applied to many free games. That being said, I think the game still earns a great rating because it’s an awesome way to kill time and get those neurons firing!! Personally, if I were to rate this brain game, I’d give it a 4.5 for its simple premise that keeps me coming back for more. I do have to agree with people that some of the puzzles are perhaps too difficult, but it’s absolutely rewarding to see that completed puzzle and the shooting star graphics!! If you’re ever needing a quick way to kill some time, CodyCross can provide a stellar crossword fix!!


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