My Funko Pop Wishlist

The Funko Pop fandom has exploded recently and you can add both Tina and me to the ranks. Initially, I thought they were very cool, but I wasn’t sure about collecting them. Now that I’ve seen more of what is out there, I can definitely say that’s changed! There are so many cool things about Funko Pops and the sheer amount of Funko Pops that exist astounds me and overwhelms me (Seriously, you could do a real number on your bank account snatching these bad boys up). And like I said, there are so many that I keep learning about Funko Pops existing for different fandoms that my wish list seems to never stop growing! Hunting for Funko Pops whether in stores or online can often feel like the coolest and nerdiest treasure hunting experience ever (don’t even get me started on snagging those exclusive Funko Pops or the ones that have been vaulted Disney-style)! I currently have a few, but I definitely want to add on and literally display my nerdiness on a shelf. Here are some of the Funko Pops we have on our wishlist that may make you want to run and grab them yourself!

Funko Pop TV Saturday Night Live Stefon

Funko’s hottest pop is the SNL Stefon! This Funko Pop has everything – from his signature hair, ring collection, and iconic Ed Hardy shirt. If you’re a Stefon fan like me, you’ll want to add this spicy Pop to your collection today!

Funko Pop TV Saturday Night Live David S. Pumpkins

He’s David Pumpkins – any questions?!? Seriously, I love this Funko for so many reasons: it’s Tom Hanks, it’s Halloween, and it’s from SNL – what more could you want?!?

Funko Pop Movies Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

This Funko is toast! If you’re like me and are a fan of the Ghostbusters movies, this toasty Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a perfect addition to your nerdy collection.

 Funko Pop Marvel Dancing Groot

Seriously, how can you not get this adorable Funko?!? This Dancing Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is just too cute to pass on!

 Funko Pop Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Toddler Groot

Maybe I’m indecisive or maybe Groot is just too cute to not have more than one. His cute little smile is the perfect way to add a little (quite literally) happy to your collection!

Funko Pop Rides: Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Engine with Harry Potter

I first saw these Harry Potter-themed Funko Pop Rides after a quick stop at Barnes & Noble and they’re seriously the perfect addition for this Harry Potter nerd! Plus, I really love the little tape detail on Harry’s glasses!

Funko Pop Rides: Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Car with Hermione Granger

I’m not sure what I love more about this Funko – that it’s one my favorite Harry Potter characters and she’s holding a stack of books or the adorable detail of the Hogwarts Express train car! And if you combine the Funko engine and this train car, you’ll have the absolute cutest bookends for your Harry Potter book collection!


Funko Pop Movies: Harry Potter Hermione with Time Turner

I absolutely love Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (both the book and film adaptation) and this Funko captures one of my parts of the movie as Harry and Hermione go back in time with her Time Turner. The level of detail alone on this Funko is amazing!

 Funko Pop Movies: Harry Potter Hermione Granger

Is it apparent yet who my favorite Harry Potter character is? Seriously though, I love that this Funko has Hermione in her Hogwarts uniform and her wand in hand!

 Funko POP TV: Sherlock John Watson

I’m a huge fan of BBC’s Sherlock and I have the Funko of Sherlock wearing his iconic deerstalker hat, but definitely want to add his best friend John Hamish Watson to my collection!

Funko POP Disney: The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero

I recently snagged a limited Funko Pop Halloween Town Sora figure from Kingdom Hearts and really wanted to add the rest of my Halloween Town friends and the first person I thought of was Zero. This Funko is so cute from his teeny pumpkin nose to his wide smile – I just have to have this in my collection!

 Funko POP Disney: The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

He’s the Pumpkin King and like me, he’s all about Halloween. I honestly can’t think of a better way to represent my love for Halloween than this adorable and slightly sassy-looking Funko!

 Funko Pop Deluxe: Star Wars Chewbacca in AT-ST

Chewy to the rescue! This Funko is absolutely adorable as Chewbacca pops out of the AT-ST from a scene in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. This nerd’s gotta have it! The details on this one are so neat!!

Funko Pop Vinyl Star Wars Metallic C3PO 2015 Summer Convention Exclusive


Call me a sucker for shiny things, but this C3PO is stunning in shiny metallic gold! It’s definitely a smart addition for my collection that would look amazing next to my Star Wars DVDs!

Funko POP Movie: Star Wars Princess Leia

This Funko may have stolen the Death Star plans and my heart. This adorable Funko Princess Leia from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope is a must have for this feminist Star Wars nerd!

 Funko Pop TV: Rugrats Reptar

I’m absolutely a 90’s kid and this Funko Reptar is adorable and a must-have for any nostalgic Nickelodeon cartoon fan!

Funko Pop Universal Monsters Dracula

I love Halloween and it’s a tradition of mine to watch my Univeral Monster movies and one of my absolute favorites is Dracula with the iconic Bela Lugosi. This Funko does it justice but is also really really cute!

Funko Pop Nosferatu Count Orlok

Another Halloween favorite of mine is this awesome Funko rendition of Count Orlok from the classic 1922 silent film Nosferatu about the vampire Count Orlok. This Halloween-lover has gotta have it!


Okay so that seems like a pretty long list after writing it all out, but hey – I’ve SEEN some of the collections out there and I feel my list is still a bit modest!! Do you collect Funko Pops? What are some of your favorites or what pops are on your wish list? Let me know in the comments and we can enable each other! 😉







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