The Sims 4 Seasons – REVIEW


Holy crap – it’s finally here!! I honestly can’t believe that we finally have seasons for The Sims 4!! We wrote a post about Seasons when we first heard that we were getting it, but today’s post is going to be so much better. Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE PLAYED IT!!

Now we’re gonna be honest here – we had the best of intentions and initially wanted to get this post out into the world WAY sooner than this. However, this game is just massive compared to other expansions and we felt that we really needed to give it a good play period before giving you our thoughts. Unfortunately, there are also a good deal of glitches, and we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge them or how they delayed our reviews as well. Both Melissa and myself lost games and had issues that led to us starting all over again (a few times), so there are definitely some hiccups. It was important to us that we experience all four seasons before writing this too because otherwise, that just wouldn’t make any sense! So now that we’ve justified the delay in this post (to ourselves more than anything), lets get into it!


I don’t know about you, but we always start with creating a new family when there is a new pack to be had. It just feels right to have a blank slate with all the new stuff! The first thing I noticed were the new hairstyles for women. There’s only a few, but I actually like them all, which honestly rarely happens! I’m really in love with the new curly and wavy styles of hair – they’re all pretty gorgeous.

In terms of clothing, I initially felt like there wasn’t much to be had in this department, but now having created many a sim, I think they did a good job here as well. There’s enough new additions to allow for a lot of different outfits, and most of the new pieces feel extremely usable.

Oh – and the skating costumes?!? Absolutely adorable.

I’ll be honest – I don’t make that many men for some reason. But, I did make one or two for the purpose of experiencing the game fully, and I really like the new dreads/braids for men (which could easily be used for women as well), and I also noticed there’s a nice new Kurta (though to be fair, that may not be from this pack – I’m not fully sure), which I really like!

There’s also some really cute new attire and hairstyles for children. I don’t often play with the kids, but I created a stereotypical “traditional family” in order to try and test out all aspects of the game as much as possible. 🙂

In creating a sim, Melissa said that she felt they had given her things that she didn’t even know she needed – so I think that’s a pretty decent thumbs up!

I noticed though, that there are no new traits or aspirations, which actually really surprised me. This is such a sizable expansion pack that I think it would have warranted new traits and aspirations. Maybe a sim that loves the cold, but hates heat (not me).


Build Mode

Melissa and I are both builders more than anything else, but this new expansion pack lends itself to being more of a interactive playing experience. Yes, there are many new features for your building desires, but you can’t truly experience the seasons without actually engaging in gameplay as well.

With that being said, of course we were both excited about the prospect of new building opportunities. Frustratingly though, we both were having such a hard time finding our “building mojo” when we started playing. That is part of why this post is coming to you so late actually. That, and glitches, which we will get to in a minute.

Overall the new building features of the game are really nice. There’s new windows and doors, as well as a bunch of new decor items. Of course, there are also the ever-hyped glass roofs that everyone has gone nuts over. I think they’re pretty neat, but for me it wasn’t an ‘omg’ item. I think Melissa was far more excited over that one.

For Melissa, her favorite new items include the umbrella rack and the new entryway bench – “Daring Hall Tree”. Of course, the new craftsman building details are a winner as well.

For me, I really like the new windows – and I absolutely LOVE the new “Crosshatch Delight” bed and simple curtains. I feel like they have a realistic flair to them and will be flexible in so many different design choices.

For both of us, we love the new decoration storage boxes that allow you to decorate your house for different holidays. I’ll be honest – I was wondering where the heck the new lights were until Melissa explained that those storage boxes weren’t just decorative. Sometimes I’m a bit late to the party if you will. 😉

However, we were bummed that there weren’t any new interior walls or floors, and while the new bookcase is nice, it’s only for taller walls and we both make a lot of our homes with shorter walls. We were really hoping for some shorter bookcases – like the kind you could place under a window, which actually would have gone perfectly with all the new craftsman materials.


Okay – the big one: gameplay. There’s really a lot to unpack here, and we’re going to do our best to be as thorough as possible. We started playing the new game Thursday/Friday night when it was released at midnight. We both made a new game and family, and then jumped right in to building a new house. I like how you pick a season to start in, and that it isn’t automatically the same for everyone – I think that’s a nice feature to have. I’ve played about four different games since I’ve been playing seasons, and I’ve started them off in various seasons.

Aside from our own personal issues in building, we found there were quite a few glitches and that the game was being a bit cranky and laggy as we worked on building our homes. Melissa was having issues where the floors were turning blue when she tried to place new tiles, and I had issues were I wasn’t able to select items or delete items, walls, floors, etc. Sometimes things we would put in our homes would randomally disappear, and sometimes they would move on us. When we’d go into build mode to edit our lots in some way, our sims frequently moved from where they were and their queues would disappear. I found this to be really friggin annoying because I often neurotically plan out tasks for my sims to complete. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this! Sometimes I wouldn’t realize that it had gone blank right away and my sim would be standing there doing nothing.

A big issue with build mode happened for Melissa when she created a sports complex community lot with rinks, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and a gym. It was pretty swanky if I do say so myself and I wish she had gotten some screen shots of her handiwork! Unfortunately, despite her saving, the complex is no where to be found. It has completely disappeared from the game. Boo Hiss. 😦

Unfortunately, the glitches don’t end there. Gameplay has been choppy outside of build mode as well, and we’ve both had weird issues like cats getting stuck in counters, sims just freezing where they are and doing nothing, random neighbors entering our locked homes or fully fenced in yards, dishwashers running while open and staying open, and my personal favorite – what I’m calling the cat queue crash!

While playing with one of my families – a girl and her cat, my sim was playing keyboard when her cat came over because he wanted to be pet. The game kept adding pet cat to my sim’s task queue, and it extended beyond what they normally can have in their queue. I couldn’t delete them, I couldn’t add anything else (because the queue was beyond full), and eventually the game just crashed. I actually haven’t played with animals since that particular family because I noticed there are a LOT of issues with how the animals are interacting with the game. It’s frustrating because pets is one of my favorite expansion packs – I literally have pets in all of my homes now. But, because I don’t want my game to freak out more than it already is, I’ve avoided adding them in my most recent games. 😦

Okay, lets try to move beyond glitches and talk about some of our favorite features in the new game. I love, love, LOVE the skating – though I do think that skating should be an individual skill. Basically I just want to live vicariously through my sim and have them be a world-renowned figure skater! 😉

I also really enjoy the new crop additions. I think it’s going to take me a minute to fully get the hang of gardening now that we’ve got seasons, but I’m super excited for how dynamic it has become. I fully intend to create an “off-the-grid” sim who has a huge farm, bees, and does her laundry the old fashioned way. It’s on my mental to-do list for sure.

Melissa absolutely is obsessed with decorating for the different holidays and seasons. She’s always been better at the tiny details in the game than I, so it’s really right up her alley. She decorates her house to the nines for each season. Sometimes it works out beautifully …other times, it goes up in flames …like when her Christmas tree caught on fire.

The different aspects of each season are really pretty spectacular. During winter, its so cold that sims can see their breath and blizzards are truly spectacular. The realism from grumpy sims when the heating is not on is also a nice touch.

In Spring, it’s cool and often rainy. It feels like an accurate portrayal of spring for me because I find myself happy when its no longer winter, but wanting warmer weather so there’s more to do!

Summer is perhaps the busiest season because the weather is crazy thanks to thunderstorms (which ruined my grill, fire pit, and the lights in my pool one night!). Sims can enjoy the outside world most easily during this season since there’s no threat of freezing to death. I haven’t personally noticed sims getting too hot or feeling any negative effects of the heat – has anyone else?


Our favorite season in real life is Fall without question, so of course, it’s easily our favorite in the game as well. The ability to rake up leaves and then play in them, and the food at the stalls, it’s all so cozy! But perhaps the best thing about Fall in Seasons is … Patchy!! He’s just honestly so adorable! Tina had Father Christmas repeatedly flirt with her sim, as if Santa wasn’t already sometimes a creeper. Patchy though, is all sorts of adorable!!

 * * *

There’s really a lot to love about the Sims 4 Seasons – I realize there has been quite a bit of criticism in this post, but we always strive to be honest in our reviews so sometimes, we have to share the negative too. However, despite the problems – the game is still pretty damn amazing. There’s a lot of new activities to engage in, and ways to expand on the lives of your sims. The negatives are all in the form of glitches. The beauty of which is that they are FIXABLE!!! We hope that as time goes on, the game will see enough updates to allow it to run smoothly again. Overall, we’d give the game a rating of 3.5/5. Yes, that’s low – especially for a game franchise that we love. However, think of that 1.5 difference as room for improvement. We really hope that in the next couple of months, we find ourselves wanting to upgrade our rating because seasons as been our most anticipate expansion behind pets.

How about the rest of you simmers? Do you love the game? Hate it?? What problems have you experienced? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game in the comments, so please share!!


3 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Seasons – REVIEW

  1. It took me forever to find out how to add decorative lights to the exterior of a house. Actually, I never did figure it out. I saw someone on a YouTube video click on the storage box! Only in hindsight does this make sense.

    I love Seasons! My favorite feature is how the lighting has changed. The colors are more subtle, and change realistically with the weather. The game looks gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to know I wasn’t the only one! The lights were definitely not as obvious as I would have expected! You’re right – the game is definitely gorgeous. I only hope that with time, the glitches get resolved, allowing for a smoother playing experience!

      Liked by 1 person

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