Get the Look: TV Style – Roz Doyle, Frasier

When I was blogging on my old blog, I started a series on TV style. I actually only wrote one post for the series, but I had the best of intentions of continuing it further. Well, I’ve moved on, but I want to carry that series over to this blog because it’s still a topic I feel like exploring. It’s in no way earth shattering to talk about the fashion of various television characters, but I feel like so many of the sites out there that look at the topic are neglecting older programs. Fashion, like everything, always comes back around so what was on trend years ago, has or will return again. In my first post on this topic, I focused on Daphne Moon from Frasier. I loved her cozy 90s vibe that was heavy on florals. Today though, I want to side step and talk about another character from the show: Roz Doyle.

Roz Doyle was such a dynamic character. She was strong and independent, while also displaying her flaws and vulnerability. Roz exhibited confidence and held her own in her profession which was dominated by men. She was unapologetic for how she lived her life – whether others approved or not. I think that Roz is frequently an overlooked and underappreciated character when there is discussion of feminism as represented through television. Roz Doyle definitely fits the bill in my book. Technically, I suppose that she is a supporting character, but Roz is by no means an accessory. I don’t know if the wardrobe for Peri Gilpin’s character was all that purposeful or not, but I feel like it sends a message either way. Her outfits frequently present a confident independent career woman with glimmers of sexuality. She’s not your damsel. All hail Rozalinda!

Watching Frasier, it’s clear that the wardrobe of the show overall is very representative of the 90s/early 2000s as a whole. Roz is no exception, and I suppose that is one of the reasons I’m drawn to it, being the 90s lover that I am! Her wardrobe is heavy on skirts, sweaters, button downs, and of course, a leather jacket. As much as I admire it, I have to admit that my own wardrobe is heavier on yoga pants and t-shirts than any of the above. Despite my desire for comfort, it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the “finer” things!

Looking at her wardrobe, there’s definitely some staples to be had – and really, most of them are timeless. Neutral colors and flexible pieces dominate.






Roz wears a lot of skirts – most of them mid-length. I love the browns and tans, which are actually, easy enough to find in stores right now.

  Forever 21 has a decent lighter tan/khaki option, and What I like about the Forever 21 skirt, aside from price, is that it is belted – perfect since Roz frequently wore belted skirts/pants.







if you’re opting for something a bit shorter, ModCloth has a great skirt in a brown color. Bonus: their sizing is incredibly inclusive!








The camel colored boots Roz wore are also easy enough to find dupes of. Depending on your budget, both Sam Edelman & Forever 21 have pretty decent options.






If you find yourself admiring the many button down shirts Roz wore, have no fear. Those are easy enough to find, especially as the slightly oversized styles of the 90s have come back around. This denim button down from H&M nails the look well. Just pair with a white t-shirt and trousers or a skirt, and boom!

This brown button down from Urban Outfitters, really gives me Roz vibes. Pair with one of the skirts above, and all you need is the leather jacket…

Of course, you could grab one of the skirts above and pair it with a simple sweater like this one from Everlane and replicate a classic Roz look.


This post wouldn’t be complete without including a leather jacket. Roz rocked one frequently in the series. This one from Old Navy of all places reminds me of hers the most out of many that I came across.

There’s plenty of dupes to be had online for the looks Roz Doyle rocked on Frasier. They’re certainly easily enough to try and emulate. However, there’s an even better way to try and replicate some of Roz’s classic styles. Spend the day hitting up your local thrift stores!! Sometimes it takes a minute to find what you’re after when you’re looking for something specific, but trust me – if you look hard enough, you can likely find ALL of these pieces second hand! You’ll save a ton of money, and thrifting is much more sustainable than buying new. Not to mention, you might actually find some pieces that are vintage. It’s a win win! That $50 faux leather jacket up there? I bet you can find a real one for less (especially when there’s a sale!) second hand!

Roz is one of my all-time favorite characters so I had to resurrect this series with her. What characters from television do you envy fashion wise? Who in your opinion has great/iconic style? I want to know!!

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