Urban Decay On The Run Palette Swatches + Review


This aint a beauty blog. I think that much is clear if you browse through our past published content. However, one of us (hi) is drawn to the glitz and glam of the beauty world just a bit. Honestly, if it’s shiny or sparkly, I’m likely to want it! Perhaps it’s the 80s/90s gal in me? I will say though, that despite my love for makeup, it isn’t something I wear every single day. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to stuff like that, and I’ve tried to find a balance since it’s so easy for me to buy more products than I will actually use. There was definitely a time (or two) where I’d want to snatch it all up regardless of whether I’d make good use of it or not. Now, I try to be more mindful in my beauty purchases.

Sometimes I go makeup free out of laziness or because I’m just not in the mood, and other times it might be because I’m not feeling that great and it just feels like one more use of my energy that I can avoid. But I also find that on days where I might feel like garbage, taking a few minutes to do something like slap on some eye shadow or mascara, can actually lift my spirits. I feel like its a way for me to defy my body when its fighting against me. I realize that might sound crazy to some, but if my joints are flaring or my stomach is causing me grief, a little glitter can make me smile – it can make me feel more HUMAN!!


Anyway, now that I’ve given some premise, lets talk about the actual point of this post. Urban Decay recently launched a new range called On the Run. Of course, the focal point is a palette – should we expect anything different from Urban Decay? I was drawn to the palette when I first saw it, and after doing a pretty large purge of my collection a few months back, it has actually been the first palette I’ve seen that I WANTED. I was excited to see Urban Decay go back to COLOR!! The palette features 21 shades, and comes in a plastic enclosure with a large mirror. On first impression, the packaging is pretty cool, as its covered in photos of different points of interest across the world. The mirror in this palette is incredible, and I personally love that its a plastic palette (not velvet or something that will just call dirt to it), and that the lid folds all the way back making it a bit easier to work with. However, after having mine for a few days and using it only at home – only in the same spot where I do my makeup, I’ve noticed the edges of the sticker design curling up already. I think they could have done better here. I wouldn’t automatically say that the plastic packaging makes it cheap, but the sticker curling up after rather gentle use is a disappointment.

Top to bottom: Breakaway, Stranded, Blaze, Weekender, Still Hot, Riff, Good As Gone
Top to bottom: Hell Ride, Baja, Accelerate, Guilt Trip, Ignite, Smog, Wanderlust
Top to bottom: Wildheart, Punk, Double Life, Jet, Drift, Radio, Big Sky

The palette cost $49 USD, and each shadow is about .80g, bringing the cost per shadow to approximately $2.34 a piece. Doesn’t seem bad, especially if you’re like me and have yet to hit pan on ANY eye shadow ever (if anything this is mostly because I get ADHD and switch up products a LOT). If the breakdown cost of eye shadow interests you, there’s a great post here that really goes into detail on the subject. My mom always taught me to look at unit pricing in the grocery store, so this kind of stuff is right up my alley. Thanks, mom!

There is a mixture of matte shades and shimmer, as I feel we can expect in pretty much any palette, especially Urban Decay (with some exceptions). I absolutely love the blue/green toned shadows, and despite it not being my usual gravitation, I found myself being really drawn to the pinks and orange-y tones in this palette as well. I think this palette would be excellent for anyone with a darker skin-tone, but in actual use, I felt like many of the colors looked just a bit too harsh on my pale pale face. At least for every day use (not that I ascribe to rules or norms in any case), for me personally. That’s not a huge ding against Urban Decay, but they do claim this to be a palette for everyone and in my own opinion and experience, I would disagree with that.

Being even more critical, I have to say that the quality of the shadows was slightly sub par to what I expected. I experienced quite a bit of fall out from many of the shimmer shadows and found the matte shades to be my least favorite as they were just too chalky in my opinion. The texture of them when I swatched them out for photos honestly irked me!! I hate the feeling of anything chalky on my skin. Drives me bonkers! I also felt that there could have been some better transition shades – perhaps some more neutral shades?

In actual use, I found that the shadow lasted a decent amount of time (I always applied after using their primer potion. I can’t do shadow without some sort of primer – are there actually people who can??), but oddly, I noticed that some colors had better longevity than others. I think this is an interesting observation because it almost suggest to me that there isn’t consistency in the quality of the shadows in this palette. Shouldn’t they all fare the same? Especially considering there aren’t really any other variables involved. I always used the same primer and the same brushes.

So overall I feel underwhelmed if I’m honest. The On the Run palette is gorgeous – no question! However, in actual use, I think I expected more/better. I think that for some, this is going to be an excellent palette that they can get plenty of use out of, but that for me, it’s just not ideal. I found myself with too many criticisms of the palette, that I have to rate it 3/5. I know this palette gets PLENTY of good reviews out there, and hey – I’m no professional! But overall, I just didn’t love this palette like I thought that I would. So for me, the search continues for the perfect go-to (nearly) everyday palette. If you’ve got some recommendations for me, please let me know! I’d also love to hear YOUR thoughts on this palette, so please share in the comments!

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