Worlds I’d like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3

With the news of Kingdom Hearts 3 being released in January 2019, it got me to thinking of what I’d like to see brought to one of my favorite game series. I’m currently replaying my way through the first game and it’s easy for me to fall in love all over again with the perfect fusion of the Disney universe and the Final Fantasy lineage. It honestly just feeds my geekdom because there are layers of things to nerd out about in a way that’s unique in the world of video games. I’ve been a big Disney fan since I was a young Warthog in the early 90s (When the best Disney films were made). Couple that with being a video game lover and it’s a perfect nerdy marriage. Here are the worlds that I’d like to see brought to Kingdom Hearts!!


Star Wars

The massive Disney empire now owns the rights to Lucasfilm for the cool tune of about 4 billion dollars after their 2012 purchase and has since added Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to both Disney parks. With the continuation of the Star Wars storylines, I think an abridged Star Wars world could make compelling gameplay for Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars lovers alike. Would it be hard to condense such an expansive storyline featured in the Star Wars universe? Yes of course, but picture this – Sora, Donald, and Goofy adorned in Star Wars inspired costumes. In similar fashion to the Deep Jungle Tarzan world, the world could allow the player to select between a character (perhaps a longstanding character such as Luke Skywalker) or Goofy and Donald. The Heartless could be stylized to fight alongside Stormtroopers perhaps with a minor boss battle with Darth Vader or another Sith character. The options for a Star Wars level are numerous and I think if done well that it could provide something for nerds like me to really oogle over.


Marvel Universe

Granted this sounds like a baffling level to compile (in similar fashion to condensing Star Wars), the idea of a world built around the superhero Marvel Cinematic Universe sounds absolutely incredible. I myself have been working my way through the MCU in order to take my place in line as the last person on earth to watch Avengers: Infinity War (No spoilers, please!!). The way I picture it, the world could perhaps be a collective smattering of the Marvel characters present in Infinity War before the poo hits the fan (perhaps even offer a sort of do-over?). This world could provide some really creative new types of Heartless while also perhaps including boss battles with MCU foes such as Thanos. It may be hard to pick and choose, but I think the possibilities would allow for some pretty cool fusion of the MCU and the Disney world often present in Kingdom Hearts games.



Haunted Mansion

I’ll admit –  I’ve never been to Disney World, but I have seen the 2003 cinematic adaption based on the iconic theme park attraction starring Eddie Murphy. I think the idea of a world based on both versions of the Haunted Mansion would provide some really spoopy gameplay as the kids say now. The setting of the Haunted Mansion practically sells itself while the world could feature characters perhaps both from the ride itself and the film interpretation such as Madame Leota, the Ghost Host/Master Gracey, the evil butler Ramsley, and of course the humorous Singing Busts. I could envision the world’s storyline could provide an entirely new story or straddle the existing story. The world’s Heartless could be ghastly or fit for the spooky mansion perhaps alongside a boss battle with Ramsley. This level could pay homage to the park aspect of Disney with the same fun and creepy feel present in the original.


Hocus Pocus

In a similar vein, the world of Salem would provide a really unique world. Unlike a majority of the worlds present in Kingdom Hearts games, Salem isn’t magical on the surface. That is until a naive virgin lights the Black Flame Candle! Enter the return of the beloved Sanderson Sisters who have returned to Salem to try once more at imortality by stealing the energy of children. You may ask yourself ‘But how would Sora, Donald, and Goofy fit in all this?’ Perhaps the trio could disembark their gummi ship just in time for Halloween and be disguised in Halloween costumes to preserve their desired anonymity. And in similar fashion to other worlds, you could select between selecting Binx or selecting either Donald or Goofy to ward off the bewitching Heartless and any Boss battles with the Sanderson Sisters. A world centered around the Sanderson Sisters would make for some seriously spellbinding gameplay.


Finding Nemo/Finding Dory

Perhaps in a similar vein of Atlantica with providing an oceanic experience, the idea of playing with Pixar’s Finding Nemo or Finding Dory sounds amazing. Picture Sora, Donald, and Goofy disguised as sea creatures swimming around the expansive beautiful coral reefs of the ocean waters where thematic shark and Octopus Heartless lurk. Beloved characters from both movies could be featured in the world including Marlin, Nemo, and Dory. And the Keyblade! I’m envisioning a seaweed and coral reef-inspired keyblade that really represents life in the ocean. I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely love to dive into the deep ocean for an adventure with our Pixar friends!!



Disney World

Unlike many of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts, this next suggestion doesn’t come from a fictional work but rather an actual setting. Maybe it’s my wanderlust desire to go to the most magical place on earth or maybe it’s just the amazing things I’ve heard from my friends who have done the Disney College Program, but the idea of a Kingdom Hearts world based on the iconic Florida theme park sounds absolutely amazing! Think of all the different creative options for costumes for our beloved trio, themed Heartless and possible boss battles, and of course the storyline for Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they close the door to Disney World with its keyhole (Perhaps in the iconic Animal Kingdom Tree of Life or Cinderella’s Castle?) This is definitely one adventure I would absolutely love to see in Kingdom Hearts!!



What do you hope to see added to Kingdom Hearts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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