Fall/Halloween 2018 Preview – Pier One

Okay, so I know its July, but my mind has wandered a bit …. to thinking of Halloween. In all honesty, I think about Halloween nearly year-round. Fall is my favorite time of year, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Right now they’re airing a week of Christmas in July madness on The Hallmark Channel (which means I’m missing my nightly tradition of The Golden Girls and Frasier thank you very much…), and I truly couldn’t care less. I personally find it annoying. BUT, Halloween in July?? Yeah, we can talk about that all damn day.

Perhaps it’s because of the birthday of Hocus Pocus which just passed, but I find myself with Halloween on my brain a bit heavier right now. I’ve been lusting over Halloween decor that’s actually, already starting to hit store shelves. So I figured, I might as well include others in my joy (or obsession) – and share some of the items I’ve been delighted by as I browse different stores both in person, and online. I think this post is totally justified because its now 100 days until Halloween!

Today’s post is all about Pier One, who has their Halloween goodies on full display on their website. I browsed through all of it and have selected my favorites to share in today’s post! Enter if you dare…

Yoga Skeletons! How cute!! I would totally buy these if available as separates because I actually picked up a skeleton just like the one on the left last year from Michael’s. He sits on one of my window ledges. 🙂

Spooky versions of classic paintings? Yes please! I really like this version of “Starry Night”, but they’ve got LOADS more in similar styles and cool black frames!


As a dog lover, I couldn’t not include this adorable door mat with dogs in costumes. I mean…


This beware sign isn’t your typical wood block sign. It’s got these cool cats backing it with light up eyes!


This cake stand just makes me want to bake! I mean – LOOK AT IT!! It’s a friggin skeleton holding up your baked goods! If anyone wants to buy me this, I wouldn’t say no… 😉


I’m a huge fan of The Haunted Mansion, and this pillow gives me serious Haunted Mansion vibes. It’s also only $14.99, which for a pillow is actually pretty affordable. Why are pillows so expensive anyways?!?


There’s a million LED battery operated candles out there, but this one is truly unique as far as the ones I’ve seen. It’s meant to look like a melting face and I love that it’s primarily black with an orange glow, which will give it a more subtle glow than some LED candles have.



I can’t help but read this sign with some snark. I mean, it just sounds like an insult to me! Am I alone?? That makes me love it more though.  Also, it makes me think of quidditch. So it’s a win/win.


I’ve been looking for some throw pillows lately, and I really like this wicked pillow – again, it’s super affordable as far as pillows go!

Pier One has some pretty cute stuff now and it’s all available to order online despite it still being July. According to their website, Halloween stuff starts hitting stores July 29th!


Is there a store you LOVE shopping at for Halloween? I always enjoy going to Home Goods and Michael’s!

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