10 Spooky Finds From Amazon For Halloween

This week has become a sort of “Halloween in July” sort of situation. We don’t mind at all, and we hope you’re okay with it too! Everyone does Christmas in July, so we decided to be different I guess! Earlier this week we shared some of our favorite finds from Pier 1, and then some goodies from Target’s Halloween decor. Today, I wanted to share with you 10 great Halloween goodies from Amazon. Whether we like to or not, plenty of us shop on Amazon, so I thought sharing some of the Halloween treats I’ve found on there would be a good idea. I do wish they categorized stuff better – like having a specific section where you could find all the Halloween goodies, because searching for stuff can be a bit tricky. But I still ended up finding some cute treats that I felt like sharing today!

I don’t have a mantle, which means that every year I am envious of those that do. I love this spider web scarf and have always wanted to be able to decorate a fireplace for Halloween! I’d get this style scarf and add a bunch of candles!

These candles for example, would be perfect. Plus right now they’re an extra $10 off when you “clip” the coupon!! I have nothing against real candles, but thanks to my migraines, these are a little easier to deal with sometimes.

Okay, so this salt and pepper shaker set appeals to me mostly because I just find it a bit hilarious. I think it would look great propped next to the stove and I can’t help but laugh at it. Who doesn’t need a helping hand or two in the kitchen??

Staying in the kitchen, I think this mat would look super cute by the sink. Of course, you could also use it properly as a door mat as well.

We used to have shower doors (yick) but have taken them out and replaced them with a curtain (yay), which means that we can finally get seasonal curtains and decorate in the bathroom!! I’m very excited about this prospect. I LOVE this curtain and am really considering getting it! Should I??

Okay, this next item is for my sister. She loves the Universal Monsters and any old Halloween movie, and when I saw this I instantly thought of her. Want to cuddle up with Frankenstein? Well now you can! This would be great as a living room (or bedroom!) throw. I like items that are functional decor pieces, and this blanket would definitely count as that!

Now for my favorite bits – the OUTSIDE decor! I love my gardens, and I’m always looking for new bits to add as accents. We’ve got I think three garden flag holders, and this flag would look great on one of them.

These last few items are actually items I would leave out in the garden year round. This wall sculpture is so freakin’ cool and just the sort of thing I’d love to put in a spot where it could be both hidden and seen. I’m always trying to find items that add interest to the gardens without being the focal point. The detail on this is incredible!

We already have a weather vane, but I had to share this one because if I was still looking for one, I’d strongly consider it. I mean, it’s a witch!!

Alright, now for one of my favorite items – this witch wind spinner!! I love the balance between being your typical colorful spinner and the witchy vibes. This is definitely another one of those items I’d leave out regardless of season. It’s so fun!!

Amazon is an utterly overwhelming place a lot of the time, but if you look hard enough, they’ve got some great Halloween finds! While it might be oppressively hot outside, that isn’t going to stop me from thinking about Halloween, and I hope you found this post inspiring!

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