The Cantina Chronicles: Star Chart

With Friday being International Beer Day, it seemed fitting to sit down and enjoy a cold beer!! Especially after a long hard day spent working outside in our garden that included moving a giant Viburnum to a new spot and doing some much-needed weeding, a cold beer is honestly the perfect reward! For this International Beer Day, I opted for War Horse Brewing Company’s Star Chart to pair with my fish and chips dinner. This brew comes from War Horse Brewing Company located in the Finger Lakes region in Geneva, NY. A surprising product to hail from a region known primarily for its wines.

Star Chart is a Kölsch style of brewing that originally comes from Cologne, Germany which involves fermentation with ale yeast and finished in cold temps like lagers. Kölsches like this one are often considered a hybrid of ales and lagers while being lighter in color and smooth to drink.

War Horse describes it as “a crisp, easy drinking beer that we hop just enough to give it a fresh twist. It’s the best of both worlds, like using your GPS but still keeping that map tucked under your seat. Cheers to the Celestial Navigator and the principles of instinct, training, trust, and teamwork.”


This was admittedly my first step into the realm of Kölsches and this brew is a great way to help navigate and introduce me to the German hybrid brew! The goldenrod color of this brew matched with the captivating citrus hoppy smell was incredible and drew me in. I found its citrusy taste really refreshing and smooth to drink. I also thought it paired perfectly with the lemony taste of the beer battered fish and malt vinegar coated french fries I had for dinner. Star Chart definitely is a smooth operator with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.5 percent while its international bitterness units pop in at 14 out of 100 units.


One of the coolest things I loved about this brew was the fact that not only did they navigate you toward a delicious-sounding food pairing (rosemary lemon chicken), but also a really awesome album with Bruce Springsteen’s 1973 album The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle! How cool is that?!? I’ve gotta be honest – that automatically won it points from this music-loving beer drinker!!


Overall not a bad way to celebrate International Beer Day with a New York State riff on a German hybrid brew!! I would absolutely pick up Star Chart again and I’m also curious to delve into more War Horse Brewing Company creations. Star Chart’s lighthearted citrus taste is a refreshing reward after a long (or perhaps lazy) day’s work. It provides a great sensory exploration that earns Star Chart a 4.5/5 rating! Check your local grocer or wherever you buy beer to see if you can snag Star Chart today (perhaps alongside a copy of the recommended Bruce Springsteen album)!

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