The Big Bang Theory / Young Sheldon – Season Premiere Review & Recap

Tonight, the twelfth and final season of The Big Bang Theory premiered. I’ll be frank: this post isn’t for those who dislike the show and rage about it on social media. This is for those who are fans, because WE are fans. We’ve been watching the show basically since it began and I really don’t care what anyone says about it because we both really enjoy it. It’s a feel-good, cozy, funny sitcom and sometimes doesn’t everyone need that?? If you just don’t find it to be your cup of tea, well that’s fine! But we’re not here to bash on a show that has, for years, been one of our favorites. Personally, we’ve both pretty sad that the show is coming to an end. I suppose it’s better though when a show ends before it wears out its welcome and with the gang growing older and having their own families and all that, I could see that potentially happening. However, as a fan, I also don’t want it to end!!! TBBT has honestly been such a comfort to me when I’ve been feeling down, and I’ve actually found that when I’m feeling my anxiety is particularly high, watching the show could actually make me feel calmer and less frazzled. I know I can still get that feeling from re-runs (as I do with plenty of other programs), but it’s definitely the end of an era. Twelve years is definitely a good run!

Tonight’s episode, The Conjugal Configuration (S12,E1)

So the episode starts off with Sheldon and Amy on their honeymoon, in… Lego Land. I mean, that sounds awesome to me!! Of course, it’s also fitting for the newlyweds.

Meanwhile, Amy’s father is staying in their apartment to try and get away from her mother (Kathy Bates). It seems that some trouble is potentially on the horizon, which isn’t surprising because she’s a bit overbearing. This conflict leads to one between Penny and Leonard when he compares them to Amy’s parents – not going over well with Penny of course. Sometimes it seems that the guys on this show just need to learn to think before speaking. Obviously that’s definitely a component of the show – the guys are smart, but not always people smart! It seems that both couples mend fences (at least for now) before the show’s end.

Raj bombs an opportunity to do a segment on the news when he choose instead to be bitter about not being their first choice. Of course it doesn’t end there, Raj continues quarreling with Neil Degrasse Tyson via twitter. In typical Raj being a bit of a tool fashion. The best bit was when Neil Degrasse Tyson was on at the end of the show and calls Bill Nye to harass him. I am a happy nerd.

Back on the honeymoon, there’s some tension due to Sheldon wanting to schedule every moment of their days – including coitus. Amy wants some spontaneity which Sheldon is definitely not fond of. His behavior shouldn’t be surprising to Amy, but Sheldon definitely needs to learn to compromise. After a small argument, Amy runs off. Once Sheldon figures out to follow, they talk it out and things are mended between the couple.

I’m glad that they’ve keeping Amy and Sheldon’s relationship similar to before they were married. His quirks are what keeps the relationship interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There will definitely be kinks as the relationship progresses and I’m curious to see where things end up. Last season of Young Sheldon hinted at Amy and Sheldon having children, and with this being the last season, I wonder if that will be part of the story line.

This was a great premiere. Drives home why this show is such a great one. Plenty of laughs and amusing moments. There was a great guest cast tonight as well! I really can’t find one element to complain about!

Oh, and I love the end card! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Since the show clearly follows the same/similar characters, we figured it would make sense to include the premiere of Young Sheldon in this post as well. When Young Sheldon was first announced, I’ll admit that I was fairly skeptical. I just wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, if at all. I thought it might be tacky and weird. Well, it wasn’t/isn’t and actually the show is all sorts of wonderful. The cast is spectacular, and the set design always brings a smile to my face (they do such a good job)! Sheldon as a kid is a handful at times, but he’s an adorable handful.

Tonight’s episode, A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels (S2,E1)

The show starts off with Sheldon obsessing over a noise his refrigerator is making, hence the title of the show. He tries to get the rest of his family to care, but they just don’t hear it. Of course, in true Sheldon fashion, he ends up taking the fridge apart himself because he is sure that he can fix it. When his mother and father find out it will cost $200 to have a repairman fix it, they’re fairly livid with him.

His father yells at him and tells him that he’s going to have to repay the cost, so Sheldon decides that he’ll start delivering papers to earn the money. Of course, this means that Georgie needs to help him. Sheldon’s neuroses slow down the endeavor, as does the weather, dogs, and the fact that he’s still riding a bike with training wheels.

The job ends up taking a toll on Sheldon and he lashes out at his family before ranting to his father about how horrible his job is and how unhappy he is (a sentiment so many people can relate to). His father tries to give Sheldon some perspective – something that Sheldon never seems to grasp well without some helpful guidance. He ends up delegating the rest of his time doing the paper route to his neighbor, until he’s earned enough to pay his father back. So I think the only thing Sheldon learned out of this experience was how to avoid what he doesn’t want to do.

Tonight’s premiere was cute and funny, and just what you’d expect from the show. It was a good episode, though I wouldn’t say it felt at all like a premiere. Not a complaint, just feels worth noting – it felt like an episode that could have fit in anywhere in the season. I think I’m most curious to see how Young Sheldon will do when it’s not following TBBT (if it gets picked up for a third season of course).

If you watched either The Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon tonight, we’d love to know what you thought of the premieres, so please let us know in the comments!


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