NCIS:LA Season 10 – The Prince – Recap & Review

We took last week off from recapping the show on here because we’re fans too and sometimes we just want to sit down and immerse ourselves in a show (or two…or three…or….)! BUT – if you’d like us to write about NCIS:LA weekly, please let us know in the comments because it’s definitely something we could try and do if its wanted! We might just do it anyways, you never know… 😉

Last week’s episode, Superhuman (S10,E2) was a damn good one full of all the intensity you’d expect from this show. The whole team (with the exception of Hetty – is she gone for good??) is back together and aside from working through the case, we were gifted some cute moments as well – like with Nell & Eric! I love them together so much!! Densi is great, but Neric??? Perfection!

Tonight’s episode, The Prince (S10, E3), has the team working together to try and protect a crown prince from assassins.

Spoilery Spoils past this point…

The episode starts off with with an armed assailant attacking the guard protecting a Saudi prince traveling with US protection in LA. The assailant attacks the limo but leaves the prince unharmed before fleeing, when he realizes the prince is a decoy. Of course, the agent protecting the prince is the same agent who took Callen’s father to hand off to Russia. Causing some clear tension for Callen (understandably so).

Amongst the team there is the usual bickering, and Kensi and Deeks are trying to plan for their wedding. It has the rest of the team surprised to even hear them talking about it as they had all thought a wedding went out the window. I could see their wedding being the season finale of this season. It could be a nice way of finishing another chapter in the story line. Thoughts??

Sam and Callen meet with the prince, who is in LA to meet with filmmakers, in order to asses his current security and do what they can to help protect him (I think it’s safe to say that we can expect them to do most of the work vs. the “suits”). Kensi and Deeks investigate the limo in hopes of identifying the assassin.

Using the GPS they’re able to trace the assassin, who had drugged a massage therapist in order to get into the hotel where the prince was staying. When the team tries to stop her, Callen sees her face and realizes that its Joelle (very much alive). Of course she ends up getting away before he can get to her. It’s not the best day for Callen. While Callen and Sam were going after the assassin, Deeks and Kensi find a flash drive that gives them perhaps as many questions as answers when it comes to trying to figure out what Joelle is trying to do.


The team meets up at the boat shed and are discussing what they know so far when Eric alerts them that there’s an intruder at the boat shed who turns out to be Joelle. She comes in and claims that she is not trying to kill the prince, but rather, is trying to save him from the company seeking to kill him. Callen allows her to work with the team with the idea that she can identify the assassin that is truly after the prince. The rest of team has very little trust in her and is watching her every move about as much as they’re looking for the true assassin.


When one of the agents (the one who took Callen’s father) takes the decoy prince up to the roof to leave via helicopter, he’s shot by a man that the agent recognizes as a man who tried to get into the helicopters with his “bride” (both in disguise of course). His “bride” is downstairs trying to get to the real prince, but when Joelle recognizes her as a CIA agent she knew, Kensi takes her out before she gets a shot in.

The prince was able to get away safely, and because of the information Joelle had, she was able to return to her family after them thinking she was dead. Callen takes her there and when she gets out of the car, he leaves. However, Joelle never ends up going in the house and after looking at it with tears in her eyes, she walks away. I feel like this can’t be the end of Joelle. It just doesn’t feel like the end to her story.

This was a decent episode though I’d admit that sometimes it felt a bit choppy and like it was lagging. I hate how much they’re leaving us hanging when it comes to both Shay Mosley and Hetty. Is Hetty coming back ever? And in what capacity? While tonight’s episode was good, it did little to address a lot of the unanswered questions we have.

I have to say though, that I loved how snarky and badass Nell was in this episode!! I think she truly stole the show. She challenges any assumptions anyone might make when they glance at her and I love it! I felt like the team worked really well together overall, and it highlighted what makes this team a team. They each have talents that balance each other out and together they are often a flawless machine. BUT – it still feels like the team is missing their captain. Oh, and can I just say how incredible Kensi’s hair is in this episode. Goals.

The preview for next week (Hit List, S10,E4) shows that Shay Mosley returns, but we’re still left hanging when it comes to Henrietta Lange…

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Please share your thoughts in the comments!



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