Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge + January TBR

Last year I ended up reading 38 books – surpassing my goal of 30 for the year. Despite not reading for long chunks of time (hello, grad school), I feel pleased with my progress and like I have successfully found *some* of my reading mojo again. Reading has always been a huge love of mine, but life and school have often gotten in the way of it over the years. This year, I’m stepping up that goal because I want to really focus on making reading not just something I make time for, but something that I consistently make time for.

I view reading as not just entertainment, or an educational tool, but also as a means of self care – a way of distracting me when perhaps I’m not feeling my best. Whenever I go through a period of time where I don’t pick up a book, I feel off – like some part of my routine is missing or unsatisfied. I can’t promise that I will read (for pleasure anyway) every single day, and I know that when school is back in full swing, there’s likely to be many days where I don’t pick up a book. But my hope is to try and read at least a little bit every single day!

In 2019, my Goodreads goal is to read 50 books.

That’s nearly a book a week, and it feels equally manageable and overwhelming if I’m honest. I’m thinking that just as with my low-buy goal, accountability is key in my success, so I’m intending to check in regularly here – likely through monthly TBR posts where I’ll share what I’m hoping to read for the month, and a brief recap of the month prior. Of course, some books will be abandoned, or pushed back for something new and shiny(!), but that’s okay – I’m not looking for perfection!

January TBR

For January I’m keeping it simple with four books –

  • Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan
  • An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green
  • My Squirrel Days by Ellie Kemper
  • I’ll Be There For You – The One About Friends by Kelsey Miller

I really enjoy what I’ve read by Jenny Colgan in the past and I want to read more of her work so I picked this up when I was at Barnes & Noble earlier this week. Her books are generally, such a lovely escape – I love the setting, the simplicity, and her writing.

As a Nerdfighter, I can’t not read Hank’s book, right?? I know everyone has already read it and I’m fairly late to the game, but that’s what happens with TBRs – plus, who says we have to all read the same books at exactly the same time anyways?

Being an Office fan and a lover of memoirs, I had been interested in picking up Ellie Kemper’s book, so when I spotted a signed copy at Barnes and Noble, I just had to get it. I’m also a huge sucker for signed copies. 😉

Lastly is a book I have been so excited for and was very happy to receive for Christmas. As a sociology major and a huge sitcom nerd, this is a book I’ve been anticipating for a while now. While I watch TV for enjoyment, I also love picking it apart so I feel like this book and I will be getting along great!

I thought of adding some extra’s to this months TBR with the ambitious hope of making an early dent in my 2019 goal, but I decided to keep it simple and just see what happens. Grad school stars up in a couple of weeks so I’m not trying to put too much pressure on myself before I even begin.

I’d love to know what is on your TBR so please let me know in the comments! What is your 2019 reading goal?

If you’re on Goodreads, be sure to follow along with my progress there – I often will write mini-reviews/commentary on my completed reads there!

One thought on “Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge + January TBR

  1. […] In this post, I said that my goal was to read 50 books in 2019. I also shared the four books that I hoped to read in January. I made it through all of them, plus some others that I picked up from the library. My local library is a rather small one, but I love that our county system allows you to request books (or other materials) from any library and have them sent to the library of your choosing. It’s $0.25 to have a book sent from anywhere in the county, to the library five minutes from my house. You can’t beat that! In an effort to be more frugal this year, I’ve been trying to utilize my library a bit more (I’m also no longer buying books on Amazon…or really, much of anything, but that’s a whole different story)! I’ve never had anything against the library, I just also love collecting books, so sometimes I need to curb my book buying a bit. 😉 […]


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