Build With Us! Sims 4 Build Challenge – January – #Sims4PubCrawl

It’s a new year and I’m excited to introduce a new series to the blog with Sims 4 monthly builds. You may know I’ve been playing The Sims since its initial series of games (I still have the complete The Sims game disc and can remember the graphics that seem so primitive in contrast to the game today), but I feel like despite the many (many) years that I’ve been playing, I very rarely share what I’m up to in the game, or the builds that I create.

So I’ve decided to create a thing! I was thinking that in a way to get myself to share my creations, we could all do it together. Starting this month, I plan to share a different themed build on the blog each month. I’ll be uploading each one to the gallery and I hope that you will feel inspired to join in and do the same!

The first build of the new year that I’m showcasing comes with a British-inspired pub dubbed The Galway Girl. As an anglophile, I’ve always adored the look of a cozy English pub (someone please take me there now). Enter through the iconic red telephone box and you’ll find that this pub features a menu stocked with comforting dishes like Fish and Chips,
Shepherd’s Pie, and plenty of drinks for your sims to enjoy either inside by the toasty fireplace or outside in the beer garden. There’s also games and of course a classic bar with plenty of seating.

So let’s get this challenge rolling! Create your own pub and upload it to the gallery & social media with the hashtag #Sims4PubCrawl – I’ll be checking throughout the month and will share some on Twitter!

Stop in for a pint and a hot meal, stay for friends and memories! Download The Galway Girl on the Gallery today!!

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